Comprehensive sex ed programs prevent unintended pregnancy and the spread of disease.

Teen sexual activity isn't limited to any particular social group or income level. More than 50 percent of teens are sexually active during their high school years. That at-risk behavior is creating serious problems in South Carolina.

Each year our state is nationally ranked in births to teen mothers — often in or near the top ten highest. South Carolina youth ages 15-24 account for nearly half of all newly diagnosed STI cases per year1. The annual taxpayer bill for unplanned births now tops $200 million.

Providing comprehensive, medically accurate sexual and reproductive health education in our schools gives students:

  • Knowledge to make smarter choices.
  • Protection against unintended pregnancy and STIs.
  • Tools for a more successful adulthood.
  • Responsibility for their future wellbeing.

Research shows that when young people are educated about human sexuality — including abstinence and contraception — they are more likely to delay sex2. Those choosing sexual activity do so with the understanding and protection that only comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education programs provide.


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  2. Advocates for Youth


"We have seen a tremendous decrease in the number of teen pregnancies since the inception of your program. At best calculation, we believe we decreased our number of pregnancies by two-thirds."

  • Robert Grimm
  • Principal, North Charleston High School