Access to sexual and reproductive health services reduces unplanned pregnancies and STIs.

Clinical sexual and reproductive health services are important basic health care — care that's not always readily available in the United States. Roadblocks like affordability and accessibility are more troublesome for the many South Carolina women who count reproductive services as their only form of health care.

South Carolina youth, in particular, don't need barriers to health and education. They deserve access. They need preventive care from community-based health centers and on publicly-funded college campuses. What’s more, they need that care to provide them with affordable, effective birth control options.

Access to sexual reproductive health professionals and services provides young people with:

  • Confidential access to a basic form of health care without delay.
  • Unbiased, uncensored and medically accurate information.
  • Contraceptives that prevent unintended pregnancy and STIs.
  • Preventive care that's affordable, with many services covered by public or private insurance.

Access to reproductive services — without shame and stigma — is both responsible and reasonable. It’s a form of basic health care the young people of South Carolina don't just need; it's medical care they deserve.

What the experts say

Knowledge is healthful. It leads young people to make better choices in life."

  • Dr. Lilly Filler, MD
  • Ob/Gyn and Founder, Women Physicians Associates